The Money-Mind 101™ Personal Monthly Budget Tracker

A Tool Specially Design for Use by High School Students and Young Adults

Financial management is challenging for anyone lacking the right tools, but especially for high school students and college-age adults with limited experience managing their own obligations and finances. The purpose of this tool is to provide an easy-to-use method of tracking income and expenses.

Money-Mind 101 Budget Tracker


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Get started by setting aside a half hour each month to enter your income and expenses, and this spreadsheet will automatically calculate your net income (which is income less expenses). The visibility you receive [the “facts/hard data” before your very eyes] will enable you to make more responsible financial decisions, while helping you identify issues before they become problems. Many students report hesitation in getting started with this tracking technique, but once they get into a routine they relate that they feel empowered and more confident about financial decisions and management. They also talk about having a greater sense of control, and ultimately freedom. For additional guidance on this tool and related subjects, please contact: